December 4, 2021

How To Fix Screen Tearing In Ubuntu 2021

we will see how to Fix Screen Tearing in Ubuntu but first let me tell you a story. I’m using Ubuntu 2021.10 but I have using this solution sins Ubuntu 15, this issue was driving my crazy specially when watching movies and YouTube, it would just through me out of the immersive experience no matter how good the video is. i really had to do a lot of research and but all i found on the internet is some weird commands and file settings for the Intel or NVIDIA graphic cards but non of them worked (you can check it out here) , until i saw one day on a YouTube video this guy talking about screen refresh rat and just mentioned that some screens don’t really have 60Hz but more like 59ish

That was the moment i have to go to the settings and Yes the Big revile, there it was was the magic number 59.96. and finally my quest for the truth have ended (not really I’m just exaggerating here ), but that was the peace of information that i needed to fix the problem.Just simply by changing the refresh rate in the display settings so instead of using 60Hz I used 59.96Hz the problem was gone no more screen tearing and i can enjoy watching my movies at last

Fix Screen Tearing

This problem is related to your screen refresh rate because it’s not truly 60hz or 120hz. It’s more like as close as possible. Still, that will cause the screen tearing problem if not set to be the same (or half if you have 120hz and want to you 60Hz though that would be just crazy)

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